Meet Rev. Karma

Reverend Karma Cloud, Founder and Director of SoWisdom LLC

Reverend Karma Cloud

Certified Educator, Minister of Walking Prayer, Creative Life Coach

Founder & Director, So Wisdom LLC


Welcome to SoWisdom! My name is Rev. Karma Cloud and I’m so glad your quest has led you to find me.  I know that you have been seeking and searching, wondering, what’s next? It seems to me, that if you are here, you have been hearing the Call to do something different with your life, and you are beginning to do something about it.  I remember when I first heard the Call. I have since named it the Call of Karmic Joy because it was daring me and empowering me to actively pursue my joy with purpose and passion. I felt an immediate sense of duty and delight at the thought of  living a joyful life, in which I was courageous enough to consistently put forth my authentic self, follow my heart’s desire and live my truth in alignment with my values. However, just as suddenly, I would feel overwhelmed and defeated as I feared how others might perceive and misjudge me if I actually let all of myself out, not to mention how I would be able to provide financially for myself and my family.

So for many years, I vacillated between these two worlds within worlds, putting myself out there doing what I loved for a little while and then reverting back to playing it safe and just making sure I paid the bills.  This cycle of self affirmation and self negation left me feeling conflicted, lost, limited, desperate and depressed. It wasn’t until I started my graduate studies in Expressive Arts Therapy that I learned to “start at the surface, stay with the image and dialogue with my emotions, my desires and my creations.”

As I was re-attempting to stay true to my vision of myself, this time, as an Expressive Arts Facilitator determined to work in the field of Expressive Arts Education, I found myself once again doubting if I could make a living putting forth my joy with passion and purpose. I was on the verge of coming apart at the seams or becoming one with my dreams, when thankfully, Life transmitted these three very clear messages to me, “Build the ground up from under you.” “Don’t stop believing in yourself.” “Everything you need is in your hands and right beneath your feet.”

This was a turning point for me. The way I saw it, I had two options: I was either going to pack it up and move back in with my mother OR I was going to start at the surface, build the ground up from under me, stay with the image-my vision, believe in myself, dialogue with the doubt and fear, and use everything within my reach to become one with my vision!

Because of the decision I made that day, I am able to be here  with you today to relay the same message, but in slightly different words.   For at this very moment Life is Calling you forth to initiate you, to help you master the metamorphosis of yourself. It is awakening your Asili, the Seed of Collective Consciousness that dwells deep inside of you and contains the vision you seek to become one with.  Whether you seek Celebrant Services, Creative Self Expression, Life Coaching, Curriculum Development, Relevant Rites of Passage, Earth Connection or Divine Inspiration, I invite you to “Source Soul, Center Self, Sustain the Sacred and Celebrate Life!”   Now it’s your time to remember how to “Let Your Self In and SoWisdom.”

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