Bringing Forth the Beauty of Birth



Bringing Forth the Beauty of Birth (BFBB) Course - $625

Intensive and Comprehensive Birth Education and Preparation course.

BFBB prepares women and their partners in a practical way for the physical, mental & emotional process of birthing by inviting them to open their eyes to what is within, take a closer look at themselves and understand how they experience coming undone and becoming one in order to meet the challenges of life, love and labor. Knowing thyself is key to birth preparation, for the more aware you and your partner are of your own processes, the better able you will be to ask for what you need and the easier it will be to synchronize your personal creative life processes with the birthing process. 

Using Creative Life Coaching, Sustainable Self Awareness, Birth Education and age old Mindfulness techniques such as Self Entrancement, Relaxation, Vocalization, Breath Expansion and Birthing Positions, BFBB helps you remember how to trust your Self and your body to draw upon your own self knowledge, intuition, worldview, cultural values and life experiences to access and apply your own Wisdom within the birthing process. For as much as you are giving birth, you are being born, bringing forth the beauty, not only of your child, and of your ancestral legacy, but of the mother, and father, you are yet to become. 

BFBB affords you and your partner dedicated time to drop in and connect with one another to discover, define and design what this rite of passage means for you individually and as a family.  You will be delighted to discover how very analogous the mysteries of labor and life actually are. What you learn about yourself in this birthing course will become a transferable life skill to assist you in meeting life challenges beyond birth. 

The Intensive 6 hour course can take place in the privacy and comfort of your home or at the SoWisdom Center. I recommend taking the course one month before your due date. The course covers: understanding birth perspectives, paradigms and possibilities; learning and practicing birthing positions, breathing, vocalization and relaxation techniques to manage discomfort and reduce anxiety and stress; understanding the stages of labor, labor support, and birth blueprint; and Creative Life Coaching to integrate the information, support a healthy pregnancy mind, body and spirit and prepare for a safe, successful birth.

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