Creative Life Coaching with Rev. Karma

Like Life, you are a Creative Process of coming undone and becoming one from within one. Life is perpetually initiating you through a process of transformations, trial and error, knowing and not knowing, birthing and rebirthing. Creative Life Coaching invites you to Master Metamorphosis through every Season of the Soul, every Cycle of Life and all the Psycles of Self that compose our inner rhythms, behavioral patterns and karmic crusades.  It introduces you to the premise that the purpose of Living is to learn and the purpose of Learning is to live more in alignment with what you intrinsically and experientially know.

The Process is the Purpose. The Purpose is to Master the Process that is YOU!

There is no end to this cycle of Living and Learning. Wisdom unfolds as Self Knowledge grows, and the more Self Knowledge grows, the more Wisdom can be sown. The choice to sow wisdom is one that requires courage, compassion, creativity and consistency if the Evolution of Self, Source and Other is to be sustained.

Rev. Karma Cloud is an ordained Minister of Walking Prayer and a certified Expressive Arts Educator. She is a self proclaimed Life Cycle Support Specialist and Master of Metamorphosis who has helped hundreds of individuals and couples skillfully navigate the ever changing Landscape of Life and relationships from birth through death to rebirth.

If you are ready to face the music, meet and master yourself, and dance the divine down to earth, then Creative Life Coaching is for you!

Creative Life Coaching: Individual Quests

Life is an Open Heart Journey. Quests help you to Trust in the Process of Life, face your fears, dissolve your doubts and discover your Creative Life Purpose. Whether you are coming apart at the seams or on the verge of becoming your dreams, Creative Life Coaching accepts you wherever you are in your journey and encourages you to define your personal truth, determine your destiny and design your dreams. Find your way home to the Source within the Source of yourself using the E.V.O.L.V.E. approach to living and learning.  Remember how to Source Soul, Center Self, Sustain the Sacred and Celebrate your life through every Season of your Soul. Increase Self Awareness and Acceptance. Develop your Intuitive capacities. Improve your abilities to be discerning and make decisions. Learn to use the Expressive Arts to integrate your evolving consciousness within your everyday life.

Single Session Hourly Rate: $125/hour

Creative Life Coaching Quest Packages: 

Weekly Package-$400 (save $100) must pay in full

Includes: 1 hour of Coaching per week for 4 consecutive weeks (available via Skype or In Person)

Monthly Package- $400 (save $100) must pay in full

Includes: 1 hour of Coaching per month for 4 months (available via Skype or In Person)


Creative Life Coaching: Couples Quest

Whether your relationship is coming undone, in dire need of repair or ready to evolve, Rev. Karma Cloud will confidently and carefully guide you on your Quest to create Sacred Space for clarity and honesty to emerge, find freedom and resolution, restore trust and communication, let go and part ways or transform your Relationship Reality from the inside out! Learn how  to E.V.O.L.V.E. within yourself and with your partner. Make Centering Self and Sustaining the Sacred a priority and everything else will shift and fall into place. It all begins with learning how to honor yourself and speak your truth with compassion, courage and consistency. 

Couples Quest Single Session- Hourly Rate: $150/hour (2 hour min)

Couples Quest Package - Minimum Commitment 3 months

Includes monthly:

  • One 1hr couples session

  • Two 1hr individual sessions

$900/3 months (save $450) must pay in full

$1125/3 months (save $225) monthly payment plan


Turning the Directions Pre-Marital/Newlywed Couples Quest Package:

Minimum Commitment 4 months


  • Four-Eight 2 hr Couples Coaching sessions

  • One-Two sessions/each month, depending on couple

  • Rate is $100/hr paid in full or $125/hr with installments

East-Clearing the Way for Divine Inspiration: Recall what your original vision of partnership was. Remember what inspired you to get married and learn to distinguish the fantasy from the reality. Determine what will be your guiding principles to help you sustain the sacred in your marriage and put your vows into practice everyday?

South- Intimacy, Trust and Forgiveness: What binds you together and what breaks you apart? How do you restore trust once it has been broken? Create a pact and a protocol for Forgiveness

West-Know Thy Psycle: Become a Savvy Spouse. A couple that cycles together won’t go psycho together. Learn to become aware and accountable for your own Emotional Psycles of coming undone and becoming one. Learn how to support your spouse through theirs. Create Personal Flow Charts to map your individual Psycles in order to discover the areas of disconnection and connection, incompatibility and compatibility, friction and flow that compose your Joint Psycle. Develop a Call and Response Support System to be best prepared to respond to your partner’s needs at every stage of their Psycle!

North-Sowing Wisdom: “Beauty is in the Creative Purpose of our relationships.” Now that you have a wider perspective of who you are and a clearer understanding of how you will Sustain the Sacred individually and collectively, how do you foresee your relationship EVOLVING and PROGRESSING over time? Draft a Timeline for Creating Purpose and design a Sacred Symbol or Family Crest to remind you and your spouse of who, what and why you are who you are.

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