The Mission of SoWisdom LLC is to provide Educational, Spiritual and Expressive Arts resources and services to inspire a shift in consciousness for the Creative Purpose of humanizing humanity, making sense of Life Cycles and bringing forth the Beauty of Birth/Rebirth in everyday experiences. We believe that each human was born to live, learn, grow and sow the "Asili" - Seed of Collective Cultural Consciousness planted in their hearts at birth. It is our purpose to prepare the ground to receive and nurture these Asilis and clear the way for the next seven generations of Life Long Learners and Wisdom Seekers to develop the emotional, cultural and spiritual capacity, literacy and legacy needed to Live and Learn purposefully and creatively continuously. At So Wisdom the "Process is the Purpose."


At SoWisdom we envision the next generations becoming more response able and sense able. as we help them re-align and attune to the cycles of Nature, the Process of Life-"Coming undone and Becoming One from within One." We seek to contribute our stream of consciousness to the already unfolding Spiritual Revolutions and Consciousness Movements that are currently making waves, turning tides and shifting paradigms in order to prepare for a more just, humane and sustainable world.  

Over our Lifetime, we intend to create a sustainable, self organizing system of Living and Learning resources, services and centers that help people remember how to Source Soul, Center Self, Sustain the Sacred and Celebrate Life through every Season of the Soul and every Cycle of Life. We imagine the emergence of SoWisdom Centers for Living and Learning across the globe providing unique Studio Sanctuary environments conducive to the convergence of Life, Art and Spirituality.

It is our vision to bring people together cross-culturally & intergenerationally in Celebration of Earth, Art and All Our Relations; in Affirmation of Self, Source and Other.

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