Kind Words for Rev. Karma and SoWisdom

I have been blessed to work with Karma Cloud in her Sacred Circles, Creative Coaching and Spirit, Body, Soul workouts. Each experience with her is infused with rituals of reverence and gratitude. While Karma does create structure in her programs, she also leaves an opening for the energy to flow and for the process to unfold as it is guided to. She meets you where you are, creates the space to hold whatever your Vision is and then supports you in stepping into it. Regardless of what I am participating in at SoWisdom, I always leave feeling refreshed in Mind, Body and Spirit. Working with Karma is a true gift.
— Robin Harris, NJ
My work with Karma Cloud and SoWisdom has allowed me to see the open road of discovering myself with beauty, love and admiration. Life will present many challenges and growth opportunities and Karma exemplifies, leads and shows how to gracefully discover the joy of unfolding the truth of life, your purpose and how to navigate the ups and downs. Whether the need has been marriage counseling, bringing a new baby into the world or being comfortable in my own changing skin; Karma’s spiritual guidance, compassionate manner, and trust of the process has been a key to my success, growth and development. So Wisdom has granted me the wisdom to know and trust my inner knowledge... there is no bigger gift than this.
— Funmilayo B., Jersey City, NJ
Karma Cloud is a wonderful facilitator of the mind body spirit soul. She supports authentic connection and balancing of the whole self with ease and fluidity. Karma brings a wealth of lived knowledge as well as education and creativity to both group and one on one offerings. As a Facilitator, Healer and Artist I have called on her expertise both one on one and in booking her for my events. I highly recommend her to any environment both creative and wellness. She is a gem!
— Marlies Y., NY, NY
In a world that can often be way too overwhelming, hurried and fast paced, Karma Cloud has an extraordinary capacity for presencing serenity, clarity and groundedness for others. From the rejuvenating effects of physical and emotional self-care to the peace and presence of spiritual reconnectedness, I have time and again benefited from her enormous talent and generosity in my life.
— Jean-Louis C., NY, NY
Karma Cloud is a wonderful coach and an even better person. She has done wonders for me and assisted me greatly in the past 2 years. I highly recommend her coaching!
— Anthony Busciligio, NJ
I could not possibly say enough loving things about this woman! Karma embodies wisdom and she brings the innate wisdom out of you. While we all have different reasons we may sit across from her for an hour or two, the outcome is the same (I imagine)....Karma is dedicated to you finding the source within you. It’s there, trust me! At the end of one of our sessions (3 years ago) I came away with the biggest AHA moment of my professional life and have not looked back!
— Daryl Ferrara, NJ
I love working with Karma. Her ability to help move stuck energy is gentle and effective. She has quite a gift.
— Ki'Mani Divine, NJ
Karma’s kind, calming presence has helped me in more ways than I can imagine. Karma is also a great listener and her presence is very powerful, even when she is silent.
— Arlyce A., NJ
We worked with Karma Cloud for our son Larkin’s naming ceremony and we couldn’t be happier with that decision. Audrey comes from a Jewish background and my family is Catholic. Neither one of us considers ourselves to be particularly religious although we are both spiritual people, believing in and connecting to powers greater than ourselves. Neither a baptism nor a bris felt like the right decision and so we were looking for an alternative way of connecting Larkin to a higher power and also to the ancestors for whom he was named. We got Karma’s information from a friend and figured we would touch base to see what options were available to us. From the 1st moment we spoke with Karma on the phone we knew that reaching out to her was the right decision. We discussed potential formats for the ceremony based on her experience, but Karma made it clear that it was our ceremony to create as we saw fit. Anything could be omitted or added to make the experience as personalized as possible. She was warm, calm and inviting and made us feel completely at ease. She made it clear that there was no right or wrong, allowing us to get really imaginative about the altar we would create, the words we would speak and the songs we would sing in addition to the beautiful rituals and prayers in which she would lead us. We worked with Karma in the coming weeks, fine tuning the ceremony and making it truly ours. Larkin’s naming ceremony turned out to be a beautiful and meaningful day for our families. As we shared photos and stories of loved ones passed, raised our voices in song and honored our son’s individuality and spirit, our families were in awe of the attention to detail and the meaning behind every moment of Larkin’s naming ceremony. They still talk about what a special day it was. Karma helped us create that day. We’re eternally grateful and will continue to work with Karma in future ceremonies for future children.
— Ruark, Audrey and Larkin Downey , NY
Cypress Wolf’s Naming Ceremony was so incredibly meaningful and transformative for us. There has been a change in her since the ceremony- she is so vocal! So much talking, singing, percussive playing- it’s incredible. You have called in some deeper part of her spirit to come play and she is raising her voice! It’s beautiful. The vows transformed Steven and I. There is a new tenderness and understanding between us. A deeper facet of our love. Inviting our community to face and honor the 7 sacred directions was a healing experience- people have reached out and said how they felt Spirit stir within in them in a way they had not previously experienced as an adult. You blessed us with so much. I can never adequately thank you for your leadership, friendship and patience with us. We are truly blessed you have come into our lives. We are so grateful to know as parents that we are entrusted to nurture a Healer. This knowledge will inform our parenting forever.
— Rachel Hardin and Steven Fragale, NY
I’d say that my fears have diminished dramatically; and when they do show up, my relationship to said fears are much more gentle and kind. Also I feel as though my self knowing and self acceptance have changed vibrationally. I’ve proudly accepted my gifts as my medicine to the world .... My art and creative efforts: making beauty is a powerful medicine for me !! I’ve felt much more connected my higher self, to my purpose in this life walk , to my truths ....all with a sense of belonging on this planet at this time ......Thanks to WWW, I know I am she who sees the hurts, I am she who holds compassion, I am she who says YES to her gifts and opportunities, I am she who gleaned courage.
— Marie St. V, NJ
Weaving Wisdom Within reminded me of my joy of sacred circles with other women that are inclusive and using the gift of songs, ceremony and community. I am certain that I am blessed by this bountiful experience.
— Jill W., NJ
Being in Sacred Circle, I have (re-) discovered my need to create something—art and/or writing. When creating—if not getting too caught up in my head (still working on that)—is when I am most at peace. I’ve also learned that I need to be as gentle towards myself as I am with my friends. Thanks to WWW, I have a more consistent meditation practice which I think is important. Additionally, I focus more on gratitude and keeping my thoughts positive, both of which I believe, have shifted my energy. I wouldn’t say it’s eliminated totally, but I don’t have many nights where I lay awake anxious and in fear, which used to happen very often. So I guess overall, I have more control over my thoughts.
— Michele R., NJ
The work I have done with Karma has been gentle and fulfilling. Her grounding presence provides a safe, comfortable space to dive into the soul and to explore the uncomfortable places. I highly recommend Karma’s services to anyone looking to let the light pour into those dark recesses, to expose the bits we protect, that often don’t serve us anymore.
— Jen Kowol, NJ
I have faced and embraced my pain. It has been the toughest challenge of my life. But I have made peace with it, and am making peace with it everyday. WWW has helped me in to be truer to my truth. I am a truth seeker and I feel like that has only grown stronger in my heart. I feel freer to be more true to who I am without making excuses. WWW has opened my eyes to the importance of stillness (Tiyoweh). Even as I write I can feel it’s importance deep within my soul. It is the stillness that will help me for my future as I tap in to the me within.
— Michele S., NJ

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