Homeschooling has a special place in my heart and a special place at SoWisdom. I believe that Homeschooling, and all it's derivatives, is changing the landscape of Education as we know it. Once something done in isolation and marginalization, often to avoid diversity and enforce conformity to a particular worldview, Homeschooling is now morphing into networks of families of diverse ethnic, economic and spiritual backgrounds. This new wave of Homeschoolers are craving authentic community connections, relevant rites of passage, glo-cal perspectives, independent, interdependent and interdisciplinary Life experiences, flexibility, more family time, less homework, more play, more curiosity, more creativity, more self expression and self reflection, world travel, Education for Sustainability, social justice and common unity. They want Life and Living at the Center of Learning.

We are in a time when people are waking up to remember that we are the co-creators of our lives, that we determine our destinies and design our dreams. We value obligation less and inspiration more. As more school systems become charter schools, pipelines for prisons and privatized profit driven corporations; as they continue to dismantle teacher's unions, undervalue teachers and teacher's assistants, and, place more emphasis on high stakes standardized testing, data driven teaching and excessive homework, people are turning away from these systems and turning toward creating new pathways for Living and Learning from the Source. Children do not want to sit in rows, behind desks, inside buildings and shuffle between classrooms with hundreds of other students they don't even know. Parents and Educators are getting tired of forcing their children/students into manufactured learning containers that send them through a production line experience and ultimately deprive them of their human nature, creativity and love of learning. Instead people are choosing to trust in the truth that we are all self learning organisms who need love, guidance and room to grow at our own pace.

At SoWisdom we believe in nurturing this Awakening. We foresee that as more families choose Homeschooling as an alternative, not because they want to isolate, but because they want to connect more intentionally and authentically, more naturally and sustainably, they will seek to fill more community spaces. Homeschool Co-ops will become Centers for Living and Learning, Communities intentionally designed around Living and Learning and contributing to the whole. As Montessori envisioned, Education will be "an aid to Life." Eventually, there will be no centralized school systems, as learning will be re-integrated with living in community. As it stands now our societies and socialization systems are designed to make Life subservient to school, work, the will of corporations and paying off debt, rather than to help people remember that Life, the health of the planet, the well being of our relationships- the spirit of Ubuntu, is the reason we are here in the first place. 

So Wisdom is bringing Life back to the center of Learning.

At SoWisdom, we believe that the purpose of Life is to Learn and the purpose of Learning is to Live more in alignment with what we know. The process is the purpose, the purpose is the process. We are dedicated to inspiring and empowering the Source within the Source of each child and adult to remember who they are and to live from the Source of what they know. I think of SoWisdom as Fertile Ground for the Next Seven Generations of Life Learners to take root, flourish and grow. 

What we offer Homeschool Co-ops, Communities and Families:

Sacred Multi-Purpose Space: A centrally located space to Live, Learn and have fun in. Room to grow and a place to feel at Home!

Curriculum Consultation: Access to a diverse and dynamic growing Collective of Community Artists/Educators to co-create and facilitate unique custom designed learning experiences!

Community Hub: An ideal venue for hosting Home School Meet Ups, Incubators and Conferences.

Educational & Spiritual Enrichment: Access to One of Kind Classes, Workshops & Events that develop sustainable life skills, invite creative and spiritual self discovery and expression, explore culture, and celebrate Life. Access to Open Studio-Sanctuary Time for Teens and Adults.

Life Support Services: Access to Creative Life Coaching for individuals, couples and families seeking more specific personal guidance and support knowing thyself, sustaining the sacred and learning to commune-icate with clarity, integrity and compassion. Access to Celebrant Services to assist you, you & your partner or your family in co-creating relevant rituals and rites of passage to celebrate every significant stage within the Birth-Life-Death-Rebirth Cycle.

Spiritual & Cultural Fellowship: Invitation to join the SoWisdom Community of Wisdom Seekers and Wisdom Keepers committed to weaving wisdom within the fabric of our lives through Artistic Exploration of One’s Inner Spiritual Experience, Intuitive Earth Based Spiritual practices and Cultural Exchange.

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