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New & Full Moon Grooves


Celebrate El Dia de Los Muertos with Tzeltlal-Maya Artist, Maria Nichim & SoWisdom

Friday, Nov 3; 4-9pm

Taller de Ofrenda/Ofrenda Wkshp: 4-6pm

Ceremonia/Ceremony Y Altar de Muertos: 6-7pm

Celebracion y Baile/Full Moon Groove: 7-9pm

Cost/Cuesta: $20/family of 4; $10/person 

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Cost Includes: Ofrenda wkshp, Ceremonia & Full Moon Groove Entrance

Authentic Mexican Food & Drink available for purchase


About New/Full Moon Grooves

New/Full Moon Grooves are one way in which SoWisdom helps you REMEMBER the SACREDNESS of LIFE, UNITY, RHYTHM, CREATIVITY, DIVERSITY, SUSTAINABILITY AND EQUALITY FOR ETERNITY. Celebrating Life through music and dance is one of the oldest and best ways I know to help you reconnect to the Source within the Source of yourself to rekindle your heart's desire. 

So take this opportunity to shake off the stress, stagnation or static that accumulates from daily life and attune with the Cycle of the Moon to celebrate the fullness of yourself, your family, your friendships and your community. Nothing liberates the SpiritBodySoul, nor brings us together, like music and dance. 

New/Full Moon Grooves currently occur seasonally at the Equinoxes and Solstices. They take place inside the Sanctuary at First Congregational Church located at 40 S. Fullerton Ave. Let us dance barefoot upon the Labyrinth of Life inside the Sanctuary of Soundz!

Vendors, Musicians and other Creatives contact Rev. Karma for info.

Attune with the Moon Services

Commune with Self, Source & Others &
Surrender to the Cycle of Life.

Each mo(o)nth join
Rev. Karma Cloud, Minister of Birth in Labor, Life & Love

October Lunar Services:
Full Moon Service: Weaves the Web
Thursday Oct. 5 @ 6pm
New Moon Morning Moving Meditation Service: Walks Tall
Thursday Oct 19 @ 9am

Shake it Out/Sound it Out
Turn the Directions
Center in Silence
Quest -In

Open to Benevolent, Peaceful, Playful, Gentle SpiritBodySouls seeking to Sow the Wisdom that grows within. Children of all ages are welcome to join in, participate and be with, however, it is more geared toward adults and older children. There is a room for younger children (and parents) to step away to if need be and then rejoin for socializing.

suggested donation $5
or offering of food, beverage, essential oils, incense,
smudge sticks, flowers or candles. 




Additional Sanctuary Life Cycle Support Services:

Creative Life Coaching/Spiritual Guidance/Readings with Rev. Karma Cloud

Sacred Ceremonies/Celebrant Services; ie Weddings, Namings/Baby blessings, Funerals




More ways to get involved at The Center