Through WWW, Rev. Karma Cloud and guest Mentors introduce girls and young women to concepts and practices of Sustaining the Sacredness of Earth Cycles, Seasons and Sources of Energy, Self Love, Self Care, Self Determination, Self Transformation, Sisterhood, and Sowing Wisdom. 

Using guided meditations, questing conversations and expressive art explorations, each Sacred Circle provides a safe creative space for women and girls to retreat from the external world of Solar time and return to the internal worlds within worlds of Lunar time. WWW reminds women and girls how to attune with the rhythm of the moon and access their innate power to reflect, receive, retrieve and rebirth themselves with each lunar cycle.  By recovering this monthly Rite of Passage for women and girls, WWW restores life to the Givers of Life, replenishing them with the clarity, creativity, compassion and confidence needed to consciously express and courageously assert themselves in the light of day.

No matter what our color, creed or class, we, as women, need to remember the value and Creative Purpose of cyclically taking time outside of time to gather together, lay down our burdens, shed our fears, share our stories and dreams, listen, learn, laugh, cry, replenish ourselves and support one another in the process of becoming our visions!