Ubuntu Open Studio

So Wisdom grows from the Asili of Ubuntu! Asili is a Kiswahili Pan-African term referring to the seed of a collective cultural consciousness. Ubuntu is a word that originates from one of the Nguni languages of South Africa. The Zulu would say, “Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu,” meaning that "a person is a person through other persons."

Open Studio is the fertile ground for cultivating a culture of Ubuntu in our community.  Practice and exposure to the Arts have the potential to sensitize us, soften our hearts, open us to feel compassion for the experiences of others and connect us to our Ubuntu humanity. The Arts give us eyes to see Unity in Diversity and means to create Common Unity through Creative Collaborations of peaceful Self Expression, Faith Actions & Political Actions.  At Ubuntu Open Studio all are invited to express, rather than suppress, their feelings and learn to Make Art, Not War.

Ubuntu Open Studio for T(w)eens: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 3-6pm

Some kids hang out at the Y, some at the Library, and still others on the Corner. We welcome Young Creatives to hang out in the Studio where they can socialize and sow wisdom in the Spirit of Ubuntu-Human Kind-ness. Here, they have access to a friendly neighborhood Artist, volunteer college mentors from TCK (Them Cloud Kids) and basic Art Supplies.  Young Creatives  are welcome to hang out and imagine, daydream, doodle, draw, collage, paint, design, sew, sculpt, contemplate, investigate, create and collaborate. They can also bring their instruments or their favorite music to play. We are accepting instrument and art supply donations. For ages 11-17. Pre-Registration by a Parent/Guardian Required without Membership. Drop In Rate: $10/hour.  Email revkarmacloud@sowisdom.com for Membership Rates.

Ubuntu Open Studio for Adults: T & W: 9am-12pm, 7-10pm;  OR by Appt.

Some adults veg out in front of the tv, some workout at the gym, and still others fall asleep on the couch to decompress and refresh. At So Wisdom, we believe that everyone is an Artist and that creating is our birthright. For some of us the Artist within is dormant, for others the Artist within has been trapped and is desperate to get out and express her/himself, still others are awake and active, but are cramped for space and can't afford a private studio. And some are simply hungry for creative community. We invite you to shake things up and set your Creative Self free to be expressed in the Studio. Bring your own supplies or use ours. Pre-Registration Required 48hrs in advance without Membership. Drop in & By Appt Rate: $12/hour. Email revkarmacloud@sowisdom.com for Membership Rates.

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