Reflecting on Growth Cycles

Reflecting on Growth Cycles

About Sisters of Support

Learn to Source Soul, Center Self, Sustain the Sacred & Celebrate Living, Learning & Healing.

Gather strength and support from your Self, your Sisters and the Source through the eternal practice of Cycling/Psycling:

  • Lay down your burdens, listen within and channel the Divine (tarot, oracle, ritual, prayer, meditation, mantras)
  • Center yourself in the Sacred Arts of intuiting, visioning, voicing, singing, sewing, drumming, dancing and designing your dreams
  • Invoke the Clan Mother of the month and reflect on how her passage relates to your own living and learning.  
  • Honor the Cycles of the Moon and the Wheel of the Year 
  • Discover the Psycles of Selves and the Dis-Integration and Integration of Self, Source and Other
  • Laugh, Cry, Play and Pray
  • Cultivate Sense-ability and Response-ability
  • Lead by example and weaving wisdom within
  • Celebrate Womanhood and Sisterhood
  • Mentor our Young Wise Women and Girl Goddesses

At the completion of each 13 Month Healing Quest, women are invited to complete a Becomes Her Vision Ceremony and Celebration.

Sisters of Support and Women of Wisdom, aged 22 and up, who have completed 2 Cycles & 2 Becomes Her Vision Ceremonies may apply to become Wise Women Mentors to the Young Wise Women and Girl Godesses.