An Earth-Based, Intermodal, Expressive Arts Approach to Living and Learning helps humans remember how to be sense-able and response-able. As human artists and creative beings, we experience the world through our senses. And through our senses we enter the worlds within worlds that exist internally and externally.  Either something inspires us, or makes us curious, or furious, and therefore, moves us to inquire within, challenging us to explore, experiment, envision, embody, express, edit, execute & enjoy!

Throughout the Artistic Process, we can enter into deeper dialogue with our work, the world and ourselves. This dialogue often leads to revelation, epiphany and enlightenment helping us to uncover and discover things about ourselves or others that we hadn't seen before.  A new perspective can result in a transformative experience powerful enough to change the way we behave or make choices in the world.

The practice of shifting modalities stretches our capacity to understand a memory, concept, dynamic, experience, emotion or perspective on multiple levels. It allows us to play with possibilities and generate different responses in order to discover and develop more options for authentic self expression.  This increased capacity improves our propensity to retain what we know and ultimately live what we know to be true and authentic on a daily basis. By remembering how to communicate our vision, voice and movement in the studio, we develop artistic, as well as, self mastery.

Mastery of oneself enables us to become more adept at extracting transferable life skills from the artistic experience and applying them to living in right relationship with Self, Source and others. With practice and support, we can learn, or relearn, how to download our lived or imagined experiences into the container of the Artistic Process, then transfer our discoveries from inside the Artistic Process back into the Creative Life Process in order to make sense of and respond to the ever-changing landscape of Life.