Painting the Wheel of the Year

Painting the Wheel of the Year

About Girl Goddess (Ages 8-13) $350

Discover the Goddess Within and the Sacred Arts of Cycling and Circling. Each Lunar Cycle our Girl Goddesses Circle together to:

  • Listen within and align with the Divine (tarot, oracle, ritual, prayer, meditation, mantras)

  • Gather Strength and Support one another on their Life Journeys

  • Attune to the Cycles of the Moon and the Wheel of the Year

  • Learn the names, attributes, stories and origins of Goddesses from around the world

  • Center themselves in the Sacred Arts of intuiting, visioning, voicing, singing, sewing, drumming, dancing and designing their dreams.  

At the completion of each Cycle, we have a Mother/Daughter Celebration & an Embracing the Goddess Within Ceremony.