About Temple of the Feminine Arts

We are being called to remember and embody the old ways anew, to restore the original pristine blueprint of our womb and her infinite creative potential. Working with the healing power of ritual we soothe our body to release the stress, contraction and trauma that has been triggered with recent political events. Awaken your Inner Priestess to rest in the feminine dimension of consciousness and connect with ancient practices that have been passed down for generations through lineages of wise-women.

On November 10th, steep yourself in these forgotten feminine ways which are resurfacing from the depths of our womb and her epigenetic cellular memory. Share this luscious time of sisterhood as we lovingly restore ourselves in an immersion of beauty, grace and Womb Awakening ritual.

When we open to this temple energy, we awaken our own priestess consciousness, and we are able to download all these memories and wisdom and knowledge that was destroyed on paper but lives on within our own DNA.