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Mantra Medicine

Mantra Medicine $100 (5 classes)

Wednesdays in May 9:15-10:15am

Sound is the source of all Co-Creation and we are Divine Instruments of Inspiration. If you believe, like I do, that the mind is in every cell of the body, and that every thought is a mantra, then you will resonate with Mantra Medicine.  Mindful mantras "train the mind," like Good Medicine, to manifest resonance, reverence and right relationship.  Enter the sound dome of your SpiritBodySoul to release the healing tones of the Source within the Source of yourself with this Mantra Meditation. Clear the air and discover the power of your inner voice and vibrations. Merge with mantras designed to help you remember how to align heart and mind.  
Incorporates Earth Based Spirituality, Vocalization, Visualization, Breathwork and Mantras.

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