Womb Awakening

Womb Awakening is the awakening of Womb Consciousness. As we drop down from the mind, into the heart and then expand awareness and drop down even deeper into the womb (hara in men), we access the primordial consciousness of the universe. As our consciousness shifts, we open to the Sacred Union of the dynamic male and female energies found in all life and within each person. Sacred Union emerges as part of the inner alchemy that occurs when we begin to awaken to the divine feminine consciousness hidden or dormant within.  Awaken the womb wisdom within!


Temple of the Feminine Arts: Womb Pulsing, Blessing Rituals & Crafting

Nov. 10; 4-9 pm,

$77 before Oct. 31; $88 therafter

Open to the experience of feeling fully safe, supported and lovingly held during these potent times as old energy shifts with the rising of our inner Pheonix. Gather in a sacred safe space with women to reaffirm your feminine power through ancient feminine temple arts.


Womb & Hara Awakening Spiral 1 Retreat

3 day Immersion

Date: TBD

Allow yourself to let go and fall backwards into the depths of your being, into the arms of Divine Mother, for a wild ride on this transformational 3-day immersive journey into the alchemical embodiment of Sacred Union within. 

WA book.jpg

Womb Awakening Book Study

Date: TBD

Receive, share and spiral with the transmissions embedded in these written words, as we re-member and re-awaken our ancient feminine consciousness.