The Sanctuary Soundz Series' helps support artists and organizations that sustain the Sacred Music, Song & Dance of Indigenous Cultures. Every event is a fundraiser to support the perpetuation of Aboriginal languages and Cultural Arts.

This month, Sanctuary Soundz celebrates the Sacred Music of Ayiti. Join the Master of Afro-Haitian Drum, Gaston Jean-Baptiste, aka "BONGA!" for a dynamic workshop and performance discovering the history of Haitian drums and the various rhythms, songs and dances from Haiti.

Workshop 2-4pm; Performance 4:15-5:15pm

Workshop participants will learn Afro-Haitian drumming patterns and techniques through a live demonstration of Bonga's rare, hand crafted drums, as well as one song and dance. 

All are encouraged to bring their own instruments, any and all instruments are welcome. Some Instruments will be provided and Body drumming is welcome!

Following the workshop will be a live performance by Bonga for all to dance freely to the rhythms of Ayiti!! 50% of proceeds will go to the Bonga Culture center in Croix des Missions, Haiti to provide Cultural Programs in Haiti that support the preservation of Haitian Sacred Music, Dance, Song locally and globally.