SoWisdom Live - Community Conversations

"SoWisdom Live" is a Series of Community Conversations moderated by Rev. Karma Cloud.  It offers members of our Diverse Community an opportunity to share their wisdom through interviews, lectures, presentations and dialogues. Each month we will feature at least one Wisdom Keeper from our local or global Community to keep wisdom alive. SoWisdom Live is Free to the Community. Donations are Welcome.


Lynn Chigounis-"Teach me the way I learn."

Thursday, April 12 -11-12:30;  6:30-8pm

Join Wisdom Keeper, Karma Cloud & Licensed Davis® Method  Facilitator, Lynn Chigounis for a Community Conversation on
Living & Learning with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia & Reading Anxiety.

Discover her “new perspective” in learning that honors the  creativity, imagination, visualization, and kinesthetic mind strengths of the visual-spatial learner.  RSVP HERE!


Emmanuela Mujica- "Activate Inner Healing."

Monday, April 16- 6-8pm (Suggested Donation $10)

Join Emmanuela Mujica during Women's Empowerment Week as she Shares the Wisdom she has Learned on her Journey to Self Healing Living with Crohn's Disease.

A foodie, entrepreneur, mama, and health-nut, Emmanuela is on a mission to help people heal through food. Learn to replenish your SpiritBodySoul with nourishing foods, coaching, circles of support and mindfulness practices. Taste the difference & the benefits of an Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP)!  RSVP HERE!


Women of Divine Inspiration-Passion, Power & Purpose: Panel of Female Artists and Art Fundraiser!

Tuesday April 17; 7-9:30pm

20% of Art Sales go to SAVE of Essex County

Join Rev. Karma Cloud for a Community Conversation with 6 female artists from the Artist Empowerment Circle for Women about how committing to creating art that expresses your inner experience can be a catalyst for Self Discovery, Personal Empowerment and Spiritual Awakening. RSVP HERE!