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"The Next Revolutionary Level of New Thought." Shenu Art & Yoga Sanctuary teaches how to level up from outdated Khametic and New Thought spiritual systems. Owning the ancient motivational wisdom of Khametic sages, symbols, and spirituality, while shedding modalities that no longer serve us in today’s world - including the negative influences of Western culture. Achieving harmonious living (Shenu) through mindful spirituality, art, activism, critical thinking, and Shenu (TM) Khametic Yoga.

Shenu, as a Khametic philosophy, calls for daily introspection through Shenu's mirror. Shenu also means circle, energy circuits, self, spirit, protection, mysticism, faith, karma, creativity, and things coming full circle in the cipher of life. Shenu Art & Yoga Sanctuary, formerly Akeru Temple of the True Living Waters, was founded by Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu (a.k.a. Pastor Elaine Lloyd-Nazario ), ordained Interfaith minister, and foremost scholar, teacher, and practitioner of Khametic (Ancient Egyptian) Water Spirituality.

Queen Mother Imakhu teaches Hermetic philosophy, metaphysics, and cross-correlative World Religions to motivate and inspire seekers to achieve personal success. Queen Mother shares her personal Khametic yoga practice, Shenu (TM).

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Classes begin June 3 at SoWisdom!!

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