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March 23; 3-7pm

Celebrate Spring Equinox at SoWisdom with

Master Drummer and Wisdom Keeper of Black Madonna Traditions of Southern Italy


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Pre-registration is required. Space is limited! $65 at the Door; $55 in advance.

Alessandra Belloni will speak about her personal healing journey with the Black Madonna and her unique research that led her to write the book. Learn about the myths, legends and rituals from the Southern Italy and the Ancient Sacred Sites of the Black Madonna. Books will be available for sale and signing.

The presentation will be followed by Sacred Chants and a Ceremonial Dance and Drum workshop 
sharing some of the traditional sacred healing chants, dance and drumming in honor of the Black Madonna, that are featured in the book.

Book Presentation 

Participants will be taken on an enchanting journey of discovery of the seven Black Madonnas, following the ancient Neapolitan legend, known as the "Seven Sisters" in Southern Italy. This trip into traditional legends, miracles and history, transports audiences to a time and place where an unbroken and ancient tradition continues today with processions, drumming rituals, chanting and sensual dancing in honor of the Black Madonna of Montevergine, who is considered the most important of the seven sisters. She continues to be venerated on a high sacred mountain, which pilgrims still climb barefoot while chanting and drumming in her honor. 

Healing Chants, Dance & Drum Workshops

Alessandra will teach the chants and prayers to the Madonna of Montevergine (Avellino) La Madonna della Libera (Moiano Benevento) both featured in separate chapters in the book.  These ancient healing chants use the Lydian Scale or Neapolitan scale to invoke the healing power of the sun and moon, and the Earth Mother and Mary Mother of Jesus.

Alessandra will teach a hands-on frame drum workshop of the tammorriata, a 4/4 rhythm of African origins, based upon an improvisational style of drumming and singing usually enacted during the summer rituals in honor of the ancient Earth Goddess Cybele, and later, the Black Madonna. The drumming workshop will be followed by the ceremonial dance of the tammorriata, an elegant and sensual dance from Naples performed by couples playing castanets to the rhythm of the large drum. The dance movements symbolize love making and date back to ancient fertility rites of pre-Christian origins.
Participants in this workshop should be barefoot, and women should preferably wear skirts, and if possible everyone should wear white clothes.  The sessions are held giving the students the feeling of being part of the "ritual."  Drums will be made available by REMO through Alessandra Belloni, a Remo artist with her line of signature series tambourines.

The Sanctuary Soundz Series' helps support artists and organizations that sustain the Sacred Music, Song & Dance of Indigenous Cultures. Every event is a fundraiser to support the perpetuation of Aboriginal languages, Sacred and Cultural Arts.

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