image by Nipam Patel

image by Nipam Patel

 Mastering Metamorphosis

When you realize there is no one left to be but yourself,

YOU are ready to begin Mastering Metamorphosis!

The thing is, your Self isn't singular, it's multiple.

It isn't static, it's in constant e-motion.

You aren't even really a person,

as much as you are a process

-coming undone in order to become one.

And as much as you might like to progress

in straight forward ascending lines,

Life is often cyclical moving in every direction

along never-ending trails of spirals.

Navigating the terrain of the Self can be

treacherous, tricky, tedious and traumatizing at times.

It can also be tremendously satisfying and surprisingly delightful.

Mastering Metamorphosis

can help you destroy the illusions of the distorted mind,

re-center the distracted mind, re-gain a clear view of Self, Source & others and 

develop the curiosity, tenacity, versatility, strategy and expertise required to emerge from the chrysalis of

Life, again and again, Triumphant and Victorious inside and out!

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Begin your personal

Open Heart Journey to

Mastering Metamorphosis

March 1, 2019!!

Each of us is on our own Open Heart Journey, therefore I offer you One to One guidance in Mastering Metamorphosis through four 1 hour individual sessions a month for three months, to dive in and digest each Module, plus one online group session to connect and converse with other MM students. We schedule sessions via phone or in person as best suits your lifestyle and preference. The group call will be held on the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 EST.

Spring Course: Opening the Way to Metamorphosis 

March 1-May 31, 2019

Module 1

Shifting Paradigms: What in the Worldview are you Subscribing to?

Module 2

The Process is the Purpose: Discovering your Process. Defining your Purpose.

Module 3

Birthing Ground: Setting Up Sacred Space to support your Metamorphosis.

Total Tuition $1332

Pay 3 Monthly Payments of $444


Pay in Full at $1200 and save $132!!

Must Apply by Feb 22. 2019

Summer, Autumn and Winter Courses to come!