SoWisdom Keepers

SoWisdom Keepers are the heart of SoWisdom.  They are multi talented, open hearted, skilled, visionary Creatives who bring a wealth of experience, expertise, love and inspiration to our community through sharing the Wisdom of their Creative Life Work.  Together they set the tone and sustain the sacredness of the arts from birth education to sustainable living and learning, from art design and sewing to ritual and song, from health and nutrition to sacred circles and mentoring, from parenting and community building to sacred commerce and wealth management.  Meet the people who make SoWisdom grow. 


Celia Feliciano

Celia is a Working Artist, experienced Fashion, Visual & Interior Designer, owner of Art Alchemy & a proud mother of two very artistic children. Her work, which has been exhibited in the US and Canada is rhythmic, vibrant, bold and expressive! Through her professional, artistic and educational endeavors, she generously shares her passion for Life with others, empowering them to nurture the inspiration within and be themselves with style!


Dhyana Kluth

Dhyana Kluth, Woman Who Runs With Song, is a Fountain of Life Womb Shaman and Mentor (since 2014) and teacher (since 2016), an initiated mesa-carrying Shamanka of the Inca tradition and Helix Minister trained in depth psychology, Jungian dreamwork, Buddhist psychology/meditation (since 2007), and initiated in the Medicine Ways of Mayan and Toltec traditions as well as Sacred Sound healing (2014). She is fiercely dedicated to restoring balance within and without, healing core, ancestral and epigenetic wounds, and opening hearts to invite joy and beauty into the world again. Reverend Priestess Mama Dhyana nurtures us and softens our hearts with icaros (healing songs) while holding our inner children in safety as we navigate the depths of our psyche, communicate with spirit guides, and heal old traumas. She practices in New Jersey with her husband while unschooling two young daughters.


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