Core Collective Wisdom Keepers,

a.k.a. Wing Women

In addition to being a sacred space for the community at large, So Wisdom is a collective of Wisdom Keepers. Our Core Collective Members are committed to ensuring that SoWisdom remains a sacred space dedicated to celebrating Life, honoring the integrity of indigenous and intuitive wisdom and open to sensitive, sentient beings of all cultural origins. They enjoy collaborating creatively, incubating ideas, dreams and visions, sustaining a sacred space for Wisdom Keepers to gather strength & support to develop personally and professionally and providing quality services, programs and initiatives that sow wisdom in the world. They are individually and collectively available for Professional Development, Workshops, Retreats, Special Events and Speaking Engagements. Everything they touch becomes beauty full.

Together they set the tone and sustain the sacredness of SoWisdom from Birth Education to Education for Sustainability, from Expressive Arts and Fashion Design to personal ritual and family ceremonies, from sacred circles and mentoring to seasonal celebrations and community events, from couples coaching to business coaching and so much more. 

Meet the people who make SoWisdom grow.

“Trust in the process of Life. The Process is the Purpose”

“Trust in the process of Life. The Process is the Purpose”

Rev. Karma Cloud is the founder of SoWisdom. She is a seasoned mother of two, Minister of Walking Prayer, Creative Life Coach, Certified NJ Art Educator, Artist & Expressive Arts Facilitator.  She has developed an Intermodal Expressive Arts Approach to Arts Education (Ubuntu Education) that develops & refines artistic skills, harvests life skills, increases awareness of self & other & cultivates a sense of purpose through engaging in the Creative Life Process.

Offerings: Celebrant Services, Relevant Rituals & Rites of Passage, Spiritual Guidance, Creative Life Coaching, Professional Development, Art/Expressive Art Education, Birth Education, Intuitive Wisdom Oracle Readings, Mentoring Programs for Girls & Women, Motivational Speaking.

Celia Feliciano is a Working Artist, experienced Fashion, Visual & Interior Designer, Creative Life Mentor & a proud mother of two.  Her work, which has been exhibited in the US and Canada, falls within the genre of Provisional Painting, favoring a looseness & intentional inconclusiveness. Through her professional, artistic and educational endeavors, she generously shares her passion for Life with others empowering them to nurture the inspiration within.

Offerings: Private & Group Sewing/Fashion Workshops, Art for private collection and public spaces, Mentoring, Interior Design, Visual Design Consultation, Professional Development in Leadership Training, Motivational Speaking.


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Maria Nichim Luna is a holistic educator, mother, wife, artist, and community advocate, with 20 yrs of experience working with children and youth in the tri-state area.  Founder of The SolutionHeirs Homeschool program, a once a week interdisciplinary program that focuses on the holistic development of each learner as they uncover their own curious and inquisitive minds to become the SolutionHeirs of tomorrow.  She has been a homeschooling parent of three for the past 14 years, combining a project based approach with community engagement.   Her community advocacy has lead her to work with arts programs, cultural organizations, and local libraries.  She brings her passion to inspire children and adults in developing a practice of reciprocity, so that as learners and human beings, we can find deeper connectivity to each other and to our planet earth.  

Offerings: Home School Educator/Consultant/Advocate, Cultural Programming, Professional Development, Motivational Speaking, Education Lectures

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Lenise Dazzel-Harris is self proclaimed Queen of affirmation, women’s advocate and owner of women’s empowerment service, We CreateShop. Through her fantastical creativity, love of decor and passion for authenticity, Lenise has created workshops for women and teens that empower them to become “forward thinking participants in fulfilling their purpose filled destiny”. When Lenise isn’t planning her next inspirational CreateShop, she is writing poems, receiving affirmations, singing and catching songs with her son or learning a new skill. 

Offerings- Inspirational Event Planning, Bridal & Baby Showers, Personal Empowerment Workshops/Coaching for adults and teens, Motivational Speaking.